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Hot Hair Uplift Short


A chin length volumiser for a dramatic effect

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A chin length volumiser for a dramatic effect

Type : Small Crocodile clips on a wefted cap of hair with hidden wires to give extra ‘lift’

Dimensions : Length from top of piece:15 1/2” (40cm)

Fibre Type : High Quality Natural looking Synthetic Fibre

Available Colours :

  • Ginger Brown (R830)
  • Chocolate Copper (R630)
  • Dark Chocolate (R6)
  • Midnight Brown (R4)
  • Ebony (R2)
  • Black Espresso (R1)
  • Sandy Blonde (R21)
  • Golden Wheat (R14/88)
  • Butterscotch (R1627)
  • Buttered Toast (R1416)
  • Ginger Blonde (R25)
  • Glazed Strawberry (R29S)
  • Chestnut (R10)

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R21 – Sandy Blonde, R2 – Ebony, R4 – Midnight Brown, R6 – Dark Chocolate, R630 – Chocolate Copper, R830 – Ginger Brown, R10 – Chestnut, R29S – Glazed Strawberry, R25 – Ginger Blonde, R1416 – Buttered Toast, R1627 – Butterscotch, R14/88 – Golden Wheat, R1 – Black Espresso


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