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Its no secret…. Many years ago I suffered an homophobic attack, from my own Brother. There was not much I liked about myself back in the day of being a teen. But one thing I truly loved was my thick full dark hair. It was my freedom of expression and it was totally me. But after I suffered such near fatal injuries from my severe beating, I kind of looked like the Elephant man. ( No true offence) But it is the only way to describe the amount of large lumps all over my head. Deformity is the correct word.

I was not vain, I suffered very low self esteem and my hair was my world. Styling was my thing, I didn’t care how I looked as long as my hair was punked up!!

I was under witness protection for a time, moving from Hotel to Hotel, and it was at the first Hotel during a shower, that I was washing my hair, and found clumps were coming out.

To my horror, he had taken something special away from me. Above everything bad thing that happened to me which was regular, my hair fell out.

By the time I came back home, though I should of never of come back, my hair looked fluffy, thinned patched and just downright awful. I cried and I cried. I was still so young and my hair was my everything. Never took it for granted.

I eventually gave up and covered my head in a home made torn, black T-shirt, made into a bandanna, That is where it stayed.  Day, night and every moment of my waking life, it became a security blanket.

But it was hard going out on the town, as I always had my head covered, I was ashamed for myself basically. I hid for over ten years. I didn’t like going out, I stayed in, became really unhealthy. Life was just one big long nightmare. Until one day I was no longer living or going out and became very, very sick.

Then I discovered, what seemed to be a secret world of magical hair creations ( Hair systems) I watched these amazing transformation videos for a year. Then I saw the price and I turned a shade of white.

Gutted and let down. I was never going to get that kind of money. I was Worth it, but it ws out of my league. I was ashamed to contact the salons and businesses of hair systems. It was so hard.

One night I had enough. It was make or break. All those years, all that abuse, the bullies and more. Heartache after heartache. Like a cursed Disney character in some make believe story book.

I looked online locally and I found an Angel.

Something spoke to me it said, just explain your story, share your truth. I was so frightened, a million thoughts ran through my mind. It was never going to be a one time thing, its a commitment, and should always be thought through.

I didn’t want to be seen like I was begging for a free handout, because we all got to make money and live. So cutting a long but lovely story short. It was agreed, what was within a fair affordable situation, that best suited me, that helped us both.

It was the moment that I was told I could pay off in an affordable way, that was not going to leave me broke. But it still would have never happened if my mother didn’t step into help.

I felt so blessed. Together we made it happen, It was a very emotional time as I had to be measured and I had to be clear on what was wanted, because remember its for the next few years of your life, not just anything.

It felt like forever that was in total of four months.

”You know when you have reached the bottom, because when you lose everything you ever knew, including your dignity, there is no lower or darker”

The day came when the crown (My Hair) was fitted into place, from a long mop, to an amazing cut to match my remaining hair. Since then my life has changed. Oscar brought me back to life and mended my heart, thoughts, emotions & feelings. I got my confidence back, I was happy. I was me again. I could see me and once I was alone I cried.

Oscar – Helps design your ideas around your hair.

So really look into hair images and be sure it is what you want. Be clear on specification. This is going to be your best friend for a long time and you are really going to have to take excellent care of it. Don’t be afraid to style or straighten which you can do all those things. Swim, run, work, play and sleep. Remember we all have different ideas, so be sure, so your be confidant. Hair systems at Oscars are created to the best undetectable wears. Be prepared to be fully committed to this.

Modifications – should be asked and Oscar will guide you on professional hair facts. Though my system could not be dyed, due to my personal specification, it could be hair extended and made into a new illusion design. I love long frontal hair styles with short sides and back. With a little length to tie back. But with the magic of recent changes, I went from blond high-lite effects on my black hair to a longer blond. I was the first to ever have this done, so we agreed to take the risk. Someone has to be the first for future clients wanting the same.

What can I say it speaks for itself, Just for how it looks and without bringing my face into it. It was created around myself and it worked out perfectly. My life is amazing now, and I know many more like me out there unhappy about loosing their hair. I think she is amazing and has touched my life.

I wrote this large professional testimonial, because Oscar gave me back my world, over something so small, yet so big that is our hair. Thank you so much Oscar.

You are the fairy godmother of granted hair back to those of us who lose our crowns.

I hope the Goddess above blesses you with a rich and more successful business. Just for what you do for others. You may not know how amazing you are. God made you with purpose.

Thank you from my heart.